The First Look

It's likely that you already know what a "first look" is if you're reading this.  But, you just may be indecisive as to whether or not you want to forego the traditional route and incorporate one into your wedding day timeline.  If you don't know what the "first look" is, it's an option for the couple to see each other before their wedding ceremony, and have an intimate moment with just one another.

What My Past Brides Have to Say

Below is some feedback from a few of my past brides who chose to capture a first look on their wedding day...

Choosing to see one another before the ceremony was a great experience. It was a very intimate and loving moment between just the two of us that I will always remember. It helped to calm our nerves too and by the time we walked down the aisle we were able to focus on embracing the ceremony. It also allowed us to have more time with our guests at the ceremony since a lot of the pictures were captured at that moment of seeing one another for the first time.
— Chasity
Bride and Groom First Look at Il Villaggio
It was my idea all along. I felt that it’s more special than even meeting at the end of the aisle because we had all this anticipation and excitement built up and got to see each other for the first time alone with just the photographers there. I found it to be more personal and special. And now we have amazing pictures as well. Josh didn’t love the idea at first but once I showed him photos of our friends’ first look and explained it more, he decided he liked the idea too.
— Marissa
Smithville Inn Wedding First Look
I was concerned about taking time away from enjoying our wedding. By having the pictures early, we were present for almost our entire cocktail hour and reception. The day goes by so quickly. By having the first look and pictures early, it does take a lot of the stress off. I would advise every bride to do a first look.
— Kristie
First Look at Doolan's Shore Club Wedding
I liked the first look because it took a lot of the pressure off of us coming down the aisle, especially for Patrick. We got to enjoy our moment alone. Then it was so awesome to get married and go right into the party. None of our guests had to wait around for hours between our ceremony and reception for us to take pictures. I would definitely do it that way again.
— Kristen
Manahawkin NJ Wedding First Look
Andrew and I knew we wanted to do a first look all along. We wanted to be able to see each other for the first time and it be just the two of us (and I knew I would be less nervous walking down the aisle to him). The moment before we turned to see each other still takes my breath away. It was also nice to be able to spend as much time as possible with our family and friends right after the ceremony because we had already taken a majority of our bridal shots.
— Amanda
Barnegat Light Bride and Groom First Look
Looking back, I would still do the first look photo shoot. I liked the ability to get the pictures done in an intimate setting, just the bride and her husband. Also, my ceremony went right into cocktail hour (which is the best part of weddings in my opinion), so I did not want to miss that. I was very happy that even though we did the first look, it did not take away from Mike’s reaction when I walked down the aisle. I was looking at the picture yesterday of him crying when I was walking down!
— Jordan
Smithville Inn Bride and Groom First Look
For ceremonies on site, back to back to the reception, it’s just easier! I wouldn’t want to be trying to take all the group photos for the one hour before the receptions begins. Our goal was that once our wedding began, we would get to enjoy the celebration and we did. If you want outdoor pictures during a winter wedding, pictures during the day are a must! So if your wedding is in the evening you really should do the first look. It was nice to be able to see each other without all eyes on us as well.
— Shannon
Smithville Inn Wedding First Look | Nicole Klym Photography
The first look was a great way to have your “moment!” Regardless of when you see each other, the excitement and anticipation still remain the same!! Personally, I feel like the first look gave us the opportunity to enjoy each other prior to the ceremony and we were able to take pictures with family and friends early so that we could take part in our cocktail hour! When you pay so much money for a wedding you should be able to enjoy it yourself. I can honestly say that our first look was something from our wedding that will always stay fresh in my mind. Walking down the aisle was a big blur! So many people looking at me, making sure I say and do the right thing. I’m so happy we had that more intimate experience during the first look. It was even more special because our son was a part of it!
— Christy
Allaire State Park First Look | Nicole Klym Photography
We basically did the first look because we had to. It was our only chance to get pictures alone due the boat setting sail
right after the ceremony. I would do it again in a heartbeat! I think it got any awkwardness or jitters out of the way and helped us just relax and enjoy what the day was.
— Michelle
Waters Edge Wedding First Look | Nicole Klym Photography
Ed and I both loved the first look. We thought pictures before the ceremony in general were a great idea so that we could still enjoy cocktail hour. We were so happy we did that, as the night goes so quickly and we got to enjoy all of it with our guests. We were afraid that taking photos before the ceremony would take away from that special moment walking down the aisle, but having the first look you still get to have that moment and capture it on camera. We loved having our parents and bridal party witness it as well. It also helped to have seen each other and lessen the anxiety of walking down the aisle in front of all the guests. Overall we were very happy with the first look and would recommend it to any couple.
— Jackie
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