Forked River Summer Sailboat Cruise Proposal | Matthew & Jocelyn

To say that Matthew put a lot of thought into asking his then-girlfriend to marry him this summer was an understatement.  He reached out to me months in advance to craft the perfect proposal and kept me updated through many calls and emails as the details were set in place.  The original thought was to convince Jocelyn to go to the Jersey Shore on her birthday weekend and go for a boat ride, in which Matthew would operate the boat.  I'd stay behind at the Captain's Inn, where he'd have family and friends waiting to surprise her later, and photograph his proposal when they pulled into the dock after their cruise.

As the nerves began to build up as it got closer to the big day, Matthew pulled the plug on the original plan and went even bigger... he hired Captain Dave of Jersey Coastal Adventures to charter his 35-foot sailboat and invited me along for the ride!  The new plot... his parents won a raffle that included a sailboat cruise for two with a photographer on board to capture it.  He created a fake email account to go along with the gift certificate and booked the cruise for the morning after her birthday, and we were set to sail!

But, before any of this could happen, Matthew needed a ring.  And, he went all out there too!  The ring he'd place on Jocelyn's finger when she said yes was not going to be just any engagement ring.  It would be customized and have so much meaning behind it.  The ring once belonged to Matthew's Great Grandma Pearl and he had it completely restored by hand by a specialist in Seattle. He combined that with two small diamonds from Jocelyn's bat mitzvah bracelet and finished it off with both his great grandparents initials and his and Jocelyn's initials hand engraved inside the ring.

On the big day, we were blessed with beautiful overcast weather as Matthew and Jocelyn boarded the North Star for our little voyage.  It was hard to pretend like I was just meeting Matthew for the first time, but I think we pulled it off pretty well.  We secretly planned out the best location for the proposal and, after some very sweet words, he got down on one knee at the bow of the boat and asked Jocelyn to be his wife.  The rest of the time at sea was spent taking some casual photos and chatting all things weddings, as Matthew revealed all of the secrets that went into his master plan to his new fianc√©.

But, the proposal wasn't the only surprise waiting for Jocelyn that day... As we approached the Captain's Inn to dock, she was greeted by many of their friends and family for a party full of great food, a candy bar (Matthew hand etched all of the mason jars) and a cake provided by A Sweet Memory featuring one of the photos I captured less than 2 hours prior.  Thank you to the Sweet Memory team for pulling that off!

Matthew and Jocelyn are set to get married in February 2016 at an amazing venue and I can't wait to capture it!  This time, with a lot less sneaking around. :)

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