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South Jersey Rustic Campground Wedding | Egg Harbor City, NJ Wedding Photographer | Nicole Klym Photography |

When most think of a campground, the next thing that comes to mind is usually camping, fishing, or roasting s'mores by the fire... not usually a wedding.  When Jeannie told me of their "BYOT" (Bring Your Own Tent) campground wedding, I was so excited!  I knew that with her amazing creativity (and handwriting I just die over), she could make anything look good.  Even a concrete slab with a cement wall in crumbles!  And that she did.  

Jimmy and Jeannie had other plans in advance of their wedding day, with a ceremony off-site at an equally unique location and different musical entertainment, but the universe and Mother Nature threw a few wrenches in the mix at the very last minute.  As a wedding guest, you would never know though, as the entire day went off without a hitch, very much thanks to their family and friends who put a ton of work into transforming the campground pavilion into a rustic wedding wonderland.  This last minute change of plans brought along with it some blessings... the weather forecast took a turn for the best (minus a little wind) and we got to return to the location where we held their engagement session to create some beautiful portraits with their bridal party as we raced the sunset.  I had such a great time with this group, as I watched them daringly scale old buildings in their suits and dresses to get one of my favorite bridal party shots to date!

We returned in time for the reception, where everyone had the best time dancing all night long (thank you Duane!) under the strings of lights hanging from the wood beams of the pavilion.  The night concluded with a casual hangout surrounding a bonfire before everyone eventually returned to their tents for the evening (or morning, for some).  Jeannie and Jimmy's wedding day was such a beautiful celebration of their love, and I was so honored to be there as a friend and their photographer.  These two are seriously a couple of the best people I know, and I love every chance I get to be in their presence.

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