LBI, NJ Beach Boudoir Photographer : Amanda


Amanda was the first brave woman to reach out to me about doing some sexy boudoir photos, and I'm so happy she did!  She was the perfect subject for this type of shoot... she carefully thought out her wardrobe and accessories, came prepared for anything and, just look at her, she's gorgeous!

Boudoir photography is typically done in a bedroom or hotel room (after all, the definition of boudoir is "a woman's bedroom or private room").  However, Amanda had the great idea of taking it outdoors to some of the more private parts of Long Beach Island, just before sunset.  We had perfect weather, an awesome assistant (one of my favorite repeat clients and future bride) and some privacy (with the exception of a couple unexpected visitors!) for her more intimate shots.  After starting in the grassy trails on the ocean side of LBI, we made it over to the Barnegat Lighthouse just in time for some shots on the jetty during what was a killer sunset!

I left her session with a new love for boudoir photography and now I'm dying to do more... I'm thinking this winter may be the perfect time to run a special for all the women out there who may be interested!  Below are some of her beautiful images.  I'm leaving out some of the more revealing ones though... Sorry guys! ;)


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