Historic Batsto Village EP Photo Shoot : NJ Musician Amanda Fama

Batsto Village, NJ EP Photo Shoot | Amanda Fama | Nicole Klym Photography | www.nicoleklym.com

I grew up next door to Amanda Fama and I'm a little disappointed I didn't get to really know her too well until recent years.  She comes from a very talented family, who are brilliant at all things artistic, and she has a love for T. Swift that I can most certainly relate to!  This girl is the sweetest of them all, with a true love for all of her fans, who are growing at such a rapid pace.  She is so deserving of all of her success in the music industry and I love seeing her flourish.  She recently toured around the northeast after graduating from college, and she has big plans in the works.  

This photo shoot at historic Batsto Village was for her artwork for her new acoustic EP that's coming soon, which will be a little different from her usual work.  I'm so excited to hear it, as she never disappoints.  Be sure to check out her work on iTunes and follow her on Facebook for updates on her gigs!


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