DIY Paint Swatch Housewarming Invitations

Before we even closed on the new house earlier this month, I started planning the housewarming party we'd be throwing this summer.  When I started to think of the invitations, I knew I HAD to do something unique... It wouldn't be like me to not create something crafty!  The end result was a paint swatch themed invitation made out of, wait for it... paint swatches. DIY Paint Swatch Housewarming Invitation

After a few attempts of getting the words to line up properly on the swatches, I was good to go.  I printed them on a variety of brightly colored 4-panel Behr swatches.  With the exception of postage and envelopes (5"x6" or larger), it turned out to be a very inexpensive way to do custom invites.  I was very happy with the way they came out, and I've received tons of compliments from our future guests!

If you're interested in ordering customized paint swatch housewarming invitations, you can find them on my Etsy page HERE!

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