DIY Mason Jar Hanging Lanterns

As a new homeowner, I was looking for a way to add a little something to the huge trees we have in our backyard.  I needed something inexpensive and quick, because I waited until the night before our housewarming party to make them!  With a huge help from my crafty cousin, we put together 12 of these clear mason jar lanterns and hung them from my trees. As it got dark the night of our party, I lit them up and the outcome was beautiful!  I have since kept these lanterns hanging in our trees, and just keep the lids on when they're not in use to avoid rain from getting inside.  Materials needed and instructions are below the photos.

DIY Mason Jar Lanterns DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

DIY Mason Jar Lanterns

We didn't take photos as we made them, but they're pretty simple once you get one or two down. Here are the basic instructions, which will vary depending on the size of the jars you use:

Materials You Need


  1. Measure enough wire to wrap around the mouth of a jar, below the lid, giving yourself an extra 1-2 inches to use to twist and secure the wire on the jar.  You can double wrap each jar as well for extra security.  Cut the wire on both ends.
  2. Before securing the wire around the jar (like a twist-tie), measure another piece of wire for the handle at the length you desire, and cut each end.  Make a loop on both ends of the handle piece and slide onto the wire wrapped around the jar, and secure each end.
  3. Secure the wire wrapped around the jar.
  4. Decorate around each jar with twine or any other type of ribbon or rope you'd like to use.  Finish off with a bow!
  5. Place a candle of any size (I used tealights) inside each jar and hang from your tree, or wherever you choose to display them, using more twine.
  6. When you are ready to light the candles, remove the jar lids and you're all set!

I found that my handles tend to slide around on the other wire, causing the jars to slightly tilt, so one way to avoid that may be to use the same long wire to wrap around each jar and as the handle, as this blogger did.

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